Monday, January 01, 2007

Ware, Johnson to Enter NFL Draft

Danny Ware and Charles Johnson are going to the NFL. I hate to see them go for selfish reasons as a Georgia fan; however, I understand the decision for both of them. Charles Johnson looks to the other end of the defensive line and see's how Quentin Moses' production dropped as a senior. Johnson's status may not improve if he stays his senior year. The same goes for Ware, but for different reasons. Ware seemed to be the odd man out in the three man tailback rotation this year. Adding Knowshon Moreno and Caleb King to the mix next year were not going to help matters in Ware's decreasing touches. I wish the best of luck to both. I hope they have made the right decision.
Charles Johnson is heading to the NFL. Image from
According to the article linked above, Paul Oliver has not yet decided what he is going to do. With Oliver, I think its best for him to stay. Sure, he shut down Calvin Johnson, but that was one game. I think he is a really good corner and will make it in the NFL. But, I think he would benefit from one more year under Coach Martinez.

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